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Change isn’t going to change itself!

There’s so many people TALKING about they want a better life, but they do the same things expecting a different life—WAKE UP and stop sleeping on your life—Stop living like you know tomorrow is guaranteed—change isn’t going to change itself—and talking about change isn’t going to do nothing but exercise your jaws. Stop talking like change and MAKE A CHANGE. Stop talking about how hard you work, and start looking like hard work. You talk about how important your dream is, but you spend more time at the club than you do catching your dream(s)—YOU AIN’T SERIOUS. You talk about how hard you go for your dreams, but you do NOTHING for self-growth—YOU AIN’T SERIOUS. TOO GET WHAT FEW GOT YOU CAN’T DO WHAT MOST DO. Stop letting your insecurities make you find your “significance” in things that don’t help your life. You can’t be SERIOUS about catching your dream if you spend every weekend wasting your life getting “wasted”. It’s time to stop living like GROWN BOYS and GROWN GIRLS, and it’s time to MAN and WOMAN up. You can’t change your tomorrows by having your todays look like your yesterdays. Do more than just post your “GRIND” on facebook/twitter/instagram/tumblr—transfer those thoughts into real life action. I’m trying to save you from a future full of regret—but your actions can’t move without your permission. I’ll put it like this—We can either see you at the top or from the top—the choice is solely up to you—but I know most will still waste their Saturday night on “fun” and then complain about how they ain’t got no time—Too busy to GROW, but amazingly find time to do the things they want. At the end of the day—you can either or take what I said to heart, or ignore it—It’s your life not mine.

Instagram: iamjamielyn

Twitter: jamielyn_howard

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